Shapley’s Natural Elegance Conditioner produces superior softness and shine. It is an intense, therapeutic conditioner for coats, manes and tails that has to be tried to be believed! It is vital for repairing dry, coarse, brittle hair and for preventing hair damage. With just one application of this highly concentrated conditioner, the hair will instantly improve and become soft, manageable and silky. Dry, dull coats will be rejuvenated and manes and tails will comb out immediately. One application will keep your horse looking show ready for four or five days!

How to use Shapley’s Natural Elegance Conditioner

Only a small amount is needed.  Simply work into wet hair after bathing and rinse out. It works even with cold water. Shapley’s Natural Elegance Conditioner will produce a natural, healthy shine. Keep this product in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to keep ingredients from separating.

Shapley’s Natural Elegance Conditioner needs to be a part of any horse owners arsenal of products to control hair damage and keep coat and tail hair strong, supple and silky smooth.  Available in a 32oz bottle.

Helpful Hints

  • A little goes a long way.
  • It is a wonderful, deep, concentrated conditioner. Use sparingly.
  • Shapley’s Natural Elegance Conditioner can be applied to the horse’s body and to his mane and tail to produce incredible softness and give strength to the hair.
  • Apply to a wet coat after you have bathed the horse and sweat scraped him to get excess water off.


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