Shapley’s Medi-Care Medicated Shampoo 946ml


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Shapley’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shampoo is gentle enough to be used daily, while still leaving your horse’s coat healthy and shiny. Wonderful to use on your dogs, too. Can be used alone or with M-T-G or M-T-G Plus. Extensively tested all over the country for efficacy. USEF and FEI compliant.

Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil are added to soothe the skin, while creating a wonderful and relaxing aroma.

Size: 32oz


How to use Shapley’s Medi-Care Shampoo

You can use Medi-Care directly on the area and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing.  Just wet the area, apply the shampoo with your hands and let sit for 5 minutes then rinse.  Medi-Care is designed to be used effectively with Original MTG.

PRECAUTION: Test patch prior to use.

Helpful Hints

  • Shapley’s Medi-Care is safe to use daily.
  • Use in conjunction with M-T-G or M-T-G Plus.
  • Refreshing lemongrass and tea tree oil added.
  • You may leave Medi-Care on your horse for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

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